Month: March 2023

AWS Kinesis vs Kafka Apache

Both Apache Kafka and AWS Kinesis are data streaming services that are highly commendable in their respective fields. Your experience will depend on your specific needs and the use cases that you plan to implement. AWS Kinesis is sometimes referred to as Apache Kafka’s rebranding service. This is not true as both services have different…

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Launch of AWS IoT Core Training Course

We have received many requests from our beloved learners in recent months for a reliable training course on AWS IoT Core. It is with great pleasure that we announce today the launch of the AWS IoT Core Hands on training course. IoT technology is becoming more popular. It is important to choose the right platform…

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AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning Training Course Launched

Due to the increasing demand for IoT, we have received many requests for training resources for AWS IoT Core. We have previously launched the AWS IoT Core Training Course. Today, we are proud to announce the AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning training program. Candidates who are interested in the AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification will…

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