AWS Skills: Manage Cloud Security Incidents

February 17, 2023 Off By Evelyn

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Cloud systems are being used by malicious attackers to infect, damage and disrupt corporate operations. According to the 2021 Thales Global Cloud Security Study 40% of enterprises suffered a cloud-based security attack in the past year. However, 83% of firms fail to protect half the critical data stored on the cloud.
Cyber threats aren’t just for the most well-known cybersecurity firms. To protect an organization’s reputation, and avoid financial losses, it is important to implement attack prevention measures. Here are the top cloud security incidents of recent times. VerizonNice Systems, a Verizon partner in 2017, accidentally exposed user PPI due to an AWS S3 setup mistake. Nice made a clerical error that allowed the attackers access to customer call data. Verizon detected 29,207 security incidents in 2021. 5,258 of these were confirmed breaches. DDoS attacks were caused by social engineering and client-side web app infections, which resulted in server-side system vulnerabilities. AccentureIn its annual Cyber Risk Study, UpGuard, the first robust cybersecurity firm in the world, found Accenture had left at most four Amazon Web Services S3 storage boxes unprotected in 2017. The hack exposed user data, API secrets, digital certificates, decoding keys, meta information, and plaintext authentication credentials.UpGuard’s security study revealed that the general public had free access to 137GB of data. Cybercriminals could then use this information to terrorize and demand money from their victims. There was also some compromised information on the internet. In August 2021, Accenture was once again the victim to a ransomware attack by the LockBit malware. Accenture identified several possible attacks on client systems as a result of the data breach in 2021. These included misinterpretation and unintentional leakage of key systems and the subsequent malware infection. CognyteWhen Cognyte was a major provider of cybersecurity analytics, it made a mistake in May 2021 and exposed its database to danger by failing to implement appropriate authentication measures. This error could have allowed cyber attackers to access 5 billion user records. The Cognyte database provided comparison data that alerted clients about third-party breaches. RaychatIran’s Raychat chat program has been able to withstand a large scale cyberattack. The database configuration was compromised, exposing approximately 267 million user names, emails, metadata, and encrypted conversations. The company’s data were completely erased during a bot attack. Raychat was able to recover its data using its internal backup systems. Many enterprises today are moving their workloads into the cloud. To make the most out of cloud investments, organizations should develop cloud security skills. Learn how to help organizations achieve new business goals using AWS cloud security skills.
Preventive security measures cannot guarantee that vital information will not be compromised if a cyber attack occurs. Organizations that use cloud services should have a plan for dealing with such incidents.
Cloud incident response is the management of cyber threats in the cloud. Cloud incident response systems are different from non-cloud counterparts in many ways, including governance, shared accountability and visibility.
Cloud Incident Response Working Group created the Cloud Security Incident Response Framework to help prepare for and manage cloud issues efficiently. It shows how to assess an organization’s security requirements and select the right level of incident protection.
How does AWS Cloud Security training assist in preventing cloud security incidents
Security is a top priority at AWS. There are hundreds of AWS services and products that can help you achieve your security goals. These features can be used to create a security baseline for cloud-based apps that is tailored to your needs.
AWS security training teaches users:
Secure organizations can design data centers and network infrastructure
Enable data protection services, encryption, key management, threat detection and prevention
Analyze and safeguard your accounts and work hours
Identify and deploy security in a cloud environment
AWS Cloud Security is shared responsibility by both the service provider as well as the client. Learn how AWS Cloud Security training can help your IT team understand their role and implement security solutions.
You can unleash your creativity safely and confidently with the help of cloud security skills. NetCom Learning’s A