CompTIA Security+ training teaches you how to perform core security functions

CompTIA Security+ training teaches you how to perform core security functions

February 17, 2023 Off By Evelyn

Cybersecurity is crucial because it protects all data types from theft and loss, including sensitive and industry data management, private information, identifiable information (PII), statistics and protected health information(PHI).
Without a cybersecurity program, your organization is vulnerable to data breaches and can be easily hacked by fraudsters. Cyber attackers are becoming bolder and using social engineering, fraud, ransomware and other viruses to steal copyrights and private information.
Cloud services, bad cloud security, cellphones, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other new security threats have created a whole new set of security risks that were not present before.
What is the impact on cybercrime?
Cybercrimes can cause damage to your company in many ways, including:
Production Costs – Theft of company information, intellectual property, trading disruptions, as well as the cost of fixing damaged systems can lead to high production costs.

Cost of reputation – Cybercrimes can damage your goodwill and cause loss of consumer trust.

Costs of Regulation – Your company could face penalties or regulatory sanctions due to cybercrimes.

No matter how large the organization, it is important that all employees are made aware of cybersecurity risks and how to manage them.
How can you protect your company against cybercrime
Employees can reduce the likelihood of cybersecurity incidents by being educated about cybersecurity risks. To reduce data thefts and breaches, employees should be trained in conditioning exercises and how to work with them.
CompTIA security+ certification and cybersecurity analyst certification (CYSA+) can help you protect your employees from cybercrime.
CompTIA cybersecurity analyst (CYSA+).
CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+), the only intermediate high-stakes information security analysis certification, includes breach detection and mitigation. CompTIA CySA+ certifies that you can identify and combat viruses and advanced persistent threats (APTs). This certification provides greater threat visibility over a wide threat landscape by focusing on network activity, which includes an organization’s internal network.
CompTIA CySA+ is compliant with ISO 17024. It also has the United States government accreditation. CySA+ covers the new center capabilities in security examination and occupation skills used to apply online security specialists, administrative investigaters, situation monitors, and knowledge experts to learn new methods to combat dangers throughout Security Operations Center (SOC).
CompTIA security+ certification
If you are interested in data security, CompTIA Security+ certification can be a great place to begin. The current version of SY0-601 provides additional knowledge about cyber threats, risk assessment, IoT threats, and other aspects.
You will be able to assess an enterprise’s security and suggest and create suitable security mechanisms. You will also learn how to supervise and protect hybrid environments, such cloud, mobile and IoT.
CompTIA Security+ training is offered by the Department of Defense. It prepares you to take the SY0-601 exam which is required to obtain the vendor-neutral CompTIA Security+ certification.
NetCom Learning helps you and your employees fight cybercrime
NetCom Learning offers a highly recommended cybersecurity certification path. This ensures that cybersecurity workers have improved capabilities. NetCom helps in building a network and security team that is more capable, enabling change, and driving growth. The CySA+ instructor-led training course will prepare you for the exam and help you pass it.