How to become an IT Security Expert with CISSP Certification

How to become an IT Security Expert with CISSP Certification

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Guide to Become an IT Security Expert with CISSP (r) Certification

CISSP stands to Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification. This certification is offered by the (ISC), which is International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

The CISSP certification course evaluates a candidate’s knowledge, abilities, and ability in all sections of information security. CISSP-certified professionals can be hired to manage, design, control, and manage a secure environment in their businesses.

It is difficult to pass the CISSP exam because of the 80% failure rate. Only 94,000 CISSP-certified professionals are available in 149 countries that offer the CISSP certificate.

The CISSP certification is the first in the field information system security. Accredited to the standards ISO/IEC 17024, ANSI ISO/IEC 1704:2003.

The CISSP certification is an international standard for information system security professionals. It has been approved by the Information Assurance Managerial and Information Assurance Technical departments of the U.S. Department of Defense. It is the foundation of the U.S. National Security Agency ISSEP Program.

Let’s discuss the concepts covered in this renowned certification course.

Concepts of CISSP Certification

The CISSP certification training consists the following topics and concepts:
* Cryptography
* Access control systems
* Security management practices
* Asset Security
* Access management and identification
* Security engineering
* Security and risk management
* Security operations
* Network security and communications
* Security assessment and testing
* Business continuity and disaster recovery plans
* Investigation laws and ethics
These domains cover all aspects related to information security systems. These topics can also be found in CBK – Common Body of Knowledge, which is useful for self-study.
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Eligibility and Examination for CISSP
To be eligible to take the CISSP exam, you must meet these criteria:
* A collective of five years of full time work experience in at least two of the sectors listed in the Common Body of Knowledge under ISC2 CISSP.
* A candidate who has completed a four-year college degree in information security systems will be eligible for a year of full time work experience.
* Candidates who are interested in the CISSP course but do not have any experience will be awarded the associate of ISC2 certificate. They can then attain the CISSP certified tag if they meet the criteria of five years cumulative work experience over the next six years.
The CISSP exam is six hours long and candidates must solve 250 questions.
Although the CISPP exam can be difficult, you can pass it if you have the right knowledge, skills, dedication, and determination. Employers will recognize that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to protect information systems and offer you a job in their company once you have passed the CISSP certification exam.
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Benefits of CISSP certification
The certification process is key to getting hired at a reputable company. In the information security field, the CISSP certification holds the highest and most respected certification. Only a few people can pass this exam to become CISSP certified. Although the process may seem difficult, there are many benefits to obtaining CISSP certification.

1) You need CISSP-certified professionals
Every business and government sector are vulnerable to security threats. A professional can help design an information security system that will protect the company’s data.
These companies often hire a CISSP professional because they have extensive knowledge, education, training, and experience in the subject. Companies that hire CISSP professionals can be sure that their data is secure.

2) Higher salary
Professionals have a difficult but well-respected certification that is very difficult. However, the chances of getting certified and cracking it are slim. A CISSP-certified professional is desirable by every company as they are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and are willing to pay high salaries.

3) Most valued employee
An employee who is CISSP certified has a high level knowledge and practice in information security. This makes them the most valuable employee in their company.
These are just a few benefits that you can enjoy by obtaining the CISSP certificate.