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It’s certain that you already know that eBay happens to be an excellent place when it comes to selling. It’s also just as certain that you’ve read and heard the stories about the amount of money people have been actively making by just selling their stuff.
Well, you too can get on that bandwagon. For starters, here are 5 actionable tips for you tomake money on eBay:
1. Fill up those titles with keywords– Include primary keywords that people are going to likely make use of in order to look for your items. Use up each of the available characters that eBay will allow.
2. Describe the benefits and not the features– Be sure thatwhat you use to describe your items emphasizes their benefits while making sure that you don’t just mention their features. Keep in mind that people have interest in themselves. In line with this, tell them what your items could do for them.
Aside from that, make sure that the “small print” can be clearly read on every one of your auctions, providing details such as the shipping times, the prices, refund policies as well as any other business practices that you may have since this helps in building confidence with possible buyers.
3. Improve the pictures– You could make your listings way more attractive just by adding good quality photos. Blurred pictures or badly lit ones look unprofessional and these could prove discouraging to anybody planning to buy from you.
4. Maximize the eBay tools that are at your disposal– Advertise products, services as well as websites at the bottom of the messages that have been seen by the messaging system of eBay. These include the notification for the winning bidder or buyer, the notification for the payment received and the notification for the dispatch.
In some cases, there’s going to be chances to include info inside these additional messages, namely the “Payment” reminder or the “Feedback” reminder. If they’ve sent you payment without a delivery address, you could also utilize the “Address” request.
5. List more of your items– One way to increase sales is by just having more items. Your best bet for this is making use of an eBay Store. A store listing is way cheaper and you could list large quantities in every listing. In case only a few search results get shown for primary eBay sites, then more store listings will be displayed.
Those who purchase from fixed prices or auction listings are going to have the chance to purchase more products from you. Thus, you ought to add a “Visit My Store” button in each listing to add more traffic to that store of yours.
One way for you to use links is by having the store price lower than the fixed price listings. You could then link it with a message that says something like “Purchase from my store and get a 15% discount on your next purchase.”
Just remember to test out ideas and go with that which works best. Eventually, you’llmake money on eBay.
Main Source:http://growmap.com/make-money-on-ebay/
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Essentials for Website OptimizationSEO creates a great user experience and communicates your intentions to search engines.

1. Understanding DesignYour website is a combination of content, architecture, platform or CMS, and infrastructure. For these elements to stand out, SEO is the tool. In addition, links, paid search and online advertisement media also lends power to SEO. Everything has to be well-organized, creating a user-friendly experience as well as standing out in the search engine results.
2. Understanding Search Engine RequirementsSearch engines are developed to provide the most relevant results to users. Give them the exact websites and content they are searching for. Content, performance, authority, and user experience determine relevancy. Content is the stand out factor: text on pages, titles and description – these determine where the website should rank in search engines.
Performance of the website, which includes loading of the website, affects search engine results. Quality of the content has to be high, especially if other sites use your website as reference or cite information. Finally, the user experience has to be good, which must include easy navigation, website look, safety, and minimum bounce rate.
3. Understanding What to AvoidSearch engines want to offer quality and in addition, they have limited data storage, so tricky tactics to be on the top of the rankings could cause damage to the reputation of the site. Search engines do not want you to indulge in keyword stuffing, purchasing links, or providing a poor user experience. Overuse of keywords deteriorate the quality of the content and could make no sense.
As mentioned in above point, poor quality is one huge factor search engines look for, so avoid it. If a search engine finds you using purchased links, they will throw your website into the void – never to be found again. Too many ads and disorganized content makes it hard for users to find useful information. This leads to a high bounce rate and ultimately a bad reputation, causing the website to sink low.
4. Understanding the Business ModelEven before you set out to design a website, determine your goals. The sole aim of a website could be to offer information, sell products, or refer leads. So ask questions about your website’s goals and what users must obtain from your site.
5. Understanding Multi-channel OptimizationSEO is not limited to the content on the website. It can be extended to offsite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email, offline advertisements, etc. Any description on YouTube, post on Facebook or Twitter should be optimized as these sites will take users back to your site.
Again, make sure you avoid keyword stuffing and only useful information must be relayed. Email is considered a great way to obtain more customers, but there is a thin line between promotion and spamming. Emails must contain the most useful information and not peppy deceptions that drive off users.
6. Understanding Domain NamesUsing a proper domain name is as important as naming a business or a product is. First choose a name that describes the brand. Keep it short – one or two words. Keep the domain name consistent, something like www.domainname.com.
Buying an old domain is great idea as it does have some traffic on its name, but make sure the old owner hasn’t done anything that degraded the site’s reputation. Keywords in the URL are sometimes great strategy, but often naming sites with such words would be difficult because chances are high of the domain names being already in use.
7. Understanding Optimization Results for MobileToday, the internet is accessed with different types of devices, so optimization must be done keeping those things in mind. Create rich media content that features videos, SlideShares or presentations. Use videos and offer free PDFs, so your sites always look busy on search engines. Remember to credit your site at the end.
8. Understanding Meta DataContent must be tagged and have Meta descriptions. Use Meta keywords to take users to specific pages. You must understand your tags are words of advertisement for your website. In addition, keywords must be unique and should not be duplicated for best results.
SEO must be the front line strategy to grow your business. Follow best practices. Never forget the basics of SEO as failure to use them will create a mess. As you practice, you will learn more and more, creating much larger profits.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article and received the information you wanted. If you like to know more then you can read my other articles “Get Positive Exposure on Social Media” and “Benefits of Social Media Marketing”
Main Source:http://growmap.com/important-seo-basics
Read MorePosted byNishant P Prajapatiat4:59:00 AMEmail ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to PinterestLabels:Internet,SEO8 Ways to Get Positive Exposure on Social MediaSocial media allows us to behave in ways that we are hardwired for in the first place – as humans. We can get frank recommendations from other humans instead of from faceless companies.― Francois Gossieaux,To gain positive exposure though the current social media e.gFacebook,Twitter,Google+,Instagrametc. one has several ways to get the positive exposure.1. Making sure you have and you are using your social accountThis is very helpful as you will be able to do your things through the account and you can reach too many people out there in social media as they can look out for your account and learn more about you.
2. Post stuff and content regularlyMost people have specific time they log in their social accounts. Thus you ought to make sure that you keep on updating them while they are online at different times.
3. Post valuable contents in social platformsThis can make you get so many following you as they are interested in your topics and contents. This can make you gain brand names advert being posted in your account or may be requested to advertise them. You can even earn from such advert being posted through your account.
4. Follow great mind peopleWhen following people follow potential clients and friends. This can be of much more effects to your account as some will promote your page and will be following your post and comment on them, like or even share in their accounts.
5. Engage in conversation with clients and friendsThis will help you get exposed to opportunities that some clients or maybe your friends have for you. Don’t ignore when they start conversation no matter how busy you may be. This shows that your care and you appreciate their support .Especially if you are running a page which you are paid either through the adverts you do.
6. Use picturesThe use of picture portrays the kind of person running the social account. The kind of pictures you post can help you gain many follower and help you earn some cash with ease. Pictures also have the power to capture attention to those people piping your account and they end up getting some post that were of benefit to their day to day living.
7. Being helpfulPosting things that are helpful to you followers is a great positive thing on yoursocial media. You can post health issues to your follower advising them on the current health issues. This make the social users to visit your account regularly to read more about your post and get updated on the current issues on various matter.
8. Being relevantThis means that the contents you post in your account go hand in hand with the account name. This apply to when your have a page, the content being posted should be relevant to the purpose of the page so that your followers can have confidence in your posts. In conclusion one should create a positive exposure of yourself or the firm represented on the social media to the fullest so as to garner followers and potential clients if the account is all about business or a company. Thus positive exposure on social media is much needed so as to portray good image of yourself or the firm.
Main Source:http://www.seogupshup.com/8-ways-get-positive-exposure-social-media/

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