Limited Time Offer: Cybersecurity Courses Half-Off with Buy One, Get One Offer

Limited Time Offer: Cybersecurity Courses Half-Off with Buy One, Get One Offer

February 17, 2023 Off By Evelyn

October is recognized worldwide as Cybersecurity Awareness Month every year. The month is dedicated entirely to raising awareness about cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that global cybercrime expenses will rise by 15% annually over the next five-years, reaching $10.5 trillion USD annually in 2025. This is up from $3 trillion USD in 2015
However, the good news is that such breaches can be avoidedif organizations followa few simple steps,such as updating theirsoftware regularly,increasing the security level of theirITinfrastructure,and upskilling theirteams with the latest technological updates.It is imperative for organizations to have a proficient cyber protection teamskilledinmanaging cyberattacks and potential breaches on an everyday basis.These attempts to thwart cyberattacks can help them savedata assets worth millions of dollars.Upskilling your IT teamsequip them with the skills to identify, manage, and contain security threats,andincreases their productivity rateas teams become hands-on inquickly identifying and handling cyber risks.

Keeping thegoalof IT employee upskillingin sync with the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, NetCom Learning hasspecially curatedtheCybersecurityBuy One Get One(BOGO)Free offer.The BOGO offer helps organizations to upgrade and hone theirITteams’hands-on skillswhile cutting their training budget by 50%.
The USPs forcybersecuritybuy one, get one offer are:
A team can choose a relevant cybersecurity course from any vendor based on their job roles or career paths. They can also get a second course of equal or lower value for free.

Flexibility to mix and match courses from top vendors such as Microsoft, AWS and Cisco, CompTIA and EC-Council.

Exclusive access to theNetCom365portal – NetCom Learning’s highly scalable, user-friendly eLearning portal that provides a 360deg view on the team’s learning data using various tools and features.

How to get the Cybersecurity Buy One, Get One Offer
Teamsandorganizations need to select any course from the outlined list ofcoursesandthey can get another training course for the same or a lower valueabsolutely free! Teams can choose from any two courses that are relevant to their job roles and career paths. They can get the same or a lower value course completely free!
Check out the Cybersecurity Buy One, Get One Courses offerhere.
Why choose NetCom LearningtoUpskill your Teams in Cybersecurity?
NetCom Learning is a partner in the creation of innovative learning organizations in the workplace. We can help you and your team develop fundamental to advanced cybersecurity techniques. As an authorized training partner for cybersecurity industry pioneers likeCompTIA,EC-Council,Microsoft,AWS, andCisco,we have a range of training offerings,including CompTIACASP+,PenTest+, CASP+, EC-Council’s Ethical Hacking,Microsoft’s Azure SecurityTechnologies,Security Administration,AWS Security Engineering. Cisco’s Cybersecurity Operation Fundamentals, just to name a few.
So what are you waiting? Fill the form today and our learning consultants can guide you through the process according to your organization’s training needs.