Microsoft Modern Workplace makes it easier for your organization to do its work.

Microsoft Modern Workplace makes it easier for your organization to do its work.

February 17, 2023 Off By Evelyn

Employees place high value on work that informs and fulfills them. They expect them to be able to work safely from any location, on any device. Their productivity tools make them happier, more valued, and more likely stay in their job, which results in increased business productivity. Businesses must ensure the security of their IT resources while giving employees this empowerment. It is a chance for both you and your clients to make a significant operational change.
Microsoft 365 and Modern Workplace
Microsoft Modern Workplace is the newest suite of Office 365 cloud services. Office 365 powers modern workplaces with a variety of products. These include a smart, efficient operating platform, mission-critical enterprise-grade security tools and seamlessly integrated workplace productivity applications. Microsoft 365 is a tool that helps you create a secure and up-to-date environment with Windows devices that run Microsoft 365 applications. Microsoft Office 365 customers can also use the single sign-on portal to access all Office 365 applications, including Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.
Microsoft Modern Workplace’s primary goal is to maintain flexibility for today’s employees while adding security layers that are not available in most remote work arrangements. Microsoft Modern Workplace offers:
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Business Voice

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Teams

One Drive



Microsoft Power Automate

Power BI


Windows 10 Virtual Desktop

You can now manage your staff devices using the latest Office 365 features. These policies can be used in conjunction with company-owned devices. Due to the increasing number of cyberattacks on remote workers, businesses are putting a renewed emphasis on cybersecurity support for virtual teams. Microsoft 365 can help you stay one step ahead hackers. Office 365’s most recent version has some new features such as Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Power Automate. There are also a variety security technologies that can be used to protect SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and Exchange.
Microsoft Modern Workplace Security
Cloud technologies are enabling modern workplace solutions. Cloud technologies are enabling modern workplace solutions. However, more users connect to unsecure networks which makes hybrid, multi-cloud systems more vulnerable to attack and expands the attack surface. Azure Security Center and Microsoft Defender offer strong protection against trojan horses, worms, and other types of malware when it comes to protecting company assets and data from unauthorized access.
Maximum security was a top feature in the most recent version of Microsoft 365. With the help of a comprehensive set of security technologies, new cybersecurity tools were created to assist enterprises in creating secure environments.
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Azure Security Center

Azure Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft’s wide range of security solutions shares threat signals to make it easier to use threat data. Although technology is more adept at detecting potential breaches faster, hackers can still gain access to your entire 365 landscape if they manage to get through one fence.
Benefits of Microsoft Modern Workplace
1. Maximum security: Microsoft full stack security models ensure that only authorized users have access to your environment. Microsoft 365 includes a variety tools such as Microsoft Defender, End-Device Protection and Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure the security of your digital workplace.
2. A user-friendly environment is essential for successful corporate operations. Microsoft 365 and Modern Workplace allow users to find all the resources they need in one place. This user-friendly interface increases efficiency in the workforce.
3. Scalability: Modern workplaces can be designed to grow with you. Microsoft licenses and subscriptions are flexible and easy to scale up. You only pay for what you use or require, such as cloud storage or Teams users. As your business grows, you can choose from a variety of subscription plans.
4. Flexibility: Team members can view and share files on the cloud from different locations. You can easily switch between multiple technologies such as instant chats, file sharing, or video calls.
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