Top 10 Career Tips I Learned from Willy Wonka

Top 10 Career Tips I Learned from Willy Wonka

December 2, 2022 Off By Evelyn

John Mark Ivey It is also hard to believe that “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, which was set in 1940, is still on the silverscreen. It was one of my favourite movies growing up. I’m sure I wasn’t alone.
The movie stars a cast that includes Charlie’s teacher Mr. Turkentine, and Bill, the candy shop owner. They may not be the best candidates to give job advice due to Grandpa Joe’s lackluster get-up and go, Bill’s lackluster career progression, Mr. Turkentine’s inability to be patient, especially when it involves calculating difficult percentages, and Bill’s general lackluster patience.
The film features selfmade men like Violet’s father Sam Beauregarde (used vehicle salesman extraordinaire) and Veruca Salt, (nut tycoon). Let’s not forget about mentoring and parenting if you don’t believe that swindling your way to the top is a viable career choice. guidance.
Willy Wonka can provide you with serious career advice. His advice is wise and can be applied to any situation.
Tip #1: There are so many things to do and so little time.
Many people fail at work because they are unable to provide for their employees. If you want a 9-to-5 job, you can. These days, you’ll be working long hours. Our iPhones, laptops and VPN connections can make it easier for our employer to be more accessible. If you are not available when you need, your superiors will view you as unreliable. Reliable employees are models.

Tip #2: If God wanted us to walk, he wouldn’t have invented rollerskates.
Many people make the mistake of not taking on extra work, travel, or doing after-hours tasks. Avoiding work is a better way to get nowhere than a slow boat on a thick, rich, and chocolaty river. If you don’t follow the instructions of your superiors, you could lose your job or have to work elsewhere.

Tip #3 – No, no, don’t speak. Some moments in life are beyond words. Run along now.
Communication skills are essential for anyone who wants to climb the ranks of an organization. Wonka taught me this because communication isn’t his forte. Although he is a naughty candy-maker I believe he is more bad at communicating than being bad. He shrinks and tells Mrs. Teevee, “Small boys are elastic and springy.” It’s harmless fun to tell him that he can be pulled into a special taffy-pulling device. He is clear in his message.

Tip #4: Even the wisest men can enjoy a little nonsense every now and again.
Even the most hardheaded boss will see that even the most serious bosses need to allow their employees to have fun from time-to-time. Sometimes, a little bit more nonsense can help you keep your sanity when things get stressful. Some departments might need extra support. It might be a rewarding experience to have fun in a stressful environment. Happy departments are the most productive in any organization. It’s a good idea for employees to have fun. While I wouldn’t recommend taking a Fizzy Lifting Drink-fueled flight to the top of the Bubble Room, it is important that you have fun with your team members and take a break.

Tip #5 – Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration & 6% electricity. It also has 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple.
Although I don’t drink much, I think I’m just as tempted.