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Webinar Feedback -2020

[email protected]_c_j*Mar 21 @[email protected] and @ITMastersCSU It was a great session. Thank you! Mary @Mary84207780*Mar 20, It’s very informative! It is a great learning experience, especially for new students. @[email protected] Nouman Khan @noumanqkhan*Mar 20 @Erdal_Ozkaya gave a great presentation on Cyber Security Update [email protected]*Mar 20 @[email protected]_Ozkaya#CybersecurityForFinance Enjoy the presentation Paul Angus @p_angus*Mar 20 @[email protected]#cybersecurity…

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We can’t roll with Role Conflict

Mary Carol saw that the team was experiencing a classic case involving role conflict and possibly role ambiguity. Two members of her team had just complained to her about another member. Mary Carol was initially surprised but soon realized that she could have predicted this. Both team members asked in unison, “Why should we bother…

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Water under the Bridge: How to Overcome Toxic Relationships at Work. The workplace can be stressful enough without adding more. It becomes almost impossible to continue working when you have toxic relationships with your coworkers. Even the most positive and welcoming workplace environment can lead to stress and arguments. One bad apple can turn a team into a dysfunctional mess. Companies, especially those that lack experienced management, often fail to recognize the importance of the relationships their employees form with one another. Even one toxic element can lead to serious consequences. Many employees are left to deal with their problems by themselves. Here are some ways to improve your relationships with toxic coworkers. Direct Approach Taking direct action to resolve any problems you have with coworkers is the best way to do it. Talk about your concerns. The best case scenario is that you will come to an agreement and things will improve. Worst case scenario – you decide to move on to other options, knowing that you can’t reason with this person. But, before you start yelling at someone, be sure to follow some basic rules. You can:

Be honest; Be sincere; Be reasonable Be understanding. You must also remember to stay positive at all times. It will not help anyone to lose their voice in a shouting contest. The person in question may not be someone you like. They might be the most irritating person in the world. At this point, your…

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